August 19, 2011

Mount Allison University Video Project Featured in Academica's Top Ten

This morning the video project I've been working on this summer was featured on Academica's Top Ten list. If you're not familiar with the list here's a little snippet from the website:

Our team of researchers scours thousands of news sources every day – college and university media releases, wire services, government announcements, new statistics and research reports, national and international media, blogs, and more – and hand-picks the ten most relevant, interesting and important stories affecting university and college professionals in public affairs, recruitment, marketing and advancement.

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If you haven't subscribed in some form I highly recommend that you do. Thousands of higher education professionals read the top ten every morning and so should you. (As always I would recommend the RSS feed using Google Reader. You can see the mention here or you can go directly to the information page, or see the videos released so far in the player below.

The tips posted so far are listed below. There will be a new video posted every weekday on YouTube. I hope everybody continues to enjoy them. We would love your feedback and encourage you to post comments on our Facebook Page or you can e-mail them directly to me at gbcampbell {at}

#1- Make the most of Orientation.

#2- Choose clubs that match you

#3- Experience Theatre

#4- Get some inside information

#5- Get involved in Athletics

#6- Adapt to Academics

#7- Adjust from Abroad

#8- Transition to University Life

#9- Find a Quiet Place to Study

#10- Stay fit on campus