October 21, 2011

Atlantic Regional Canadian University Press (ARCUP) Conference Fall 2011 at Mount Allison University hosted by The Argosy

The Argosy, Mount Allison University's Independent Student Newspaper Since 1875, is hosting the Atlantic Region Canadian University Press (ARCUP) Fall 2011 Conference. The conference will begin tonight at 7pm and will run throughout the weekend.

I will be live-tweeting the some of the proceeding via the Conference's Twitter feed @ARCUPConference recording many of the event presentations which will be available on YouTube and embedded on our the Argosy's Online Only Section in the coming days and weeks.

Tonight we will be featuring a special guest speaker who will answer questions from ARCUP delegates. This portion of the conference will be available live via UStream. Be sure to check back here, the Argosy Website, or the UStream page itself to see the event as it unfolds.

Live video by Ustream

Here's a little bit about the conference from the Argosy's Editor-in-Chief John Brannen:

The Argosy hosts ARCUP

This weekend, The Argosy will welcome dozens of student journalists to Sackville for the Fall Atlantic Region Canadian University Press Conference (ARCUP). The three-day event will feature guest speakers, lectures, and workshops on journalistic issues and best practices. Newspapers from across the region will send upwards of forty delegates to participate in this year’s conference. 
The Canadian University Press (CUP), a national co-operative of student newspapers, helps to fund regional conferences held across Canada in the Fall and the Spring. CUP is the oldest student newswire service in the world and the oldest national student organization in North America. The Argosy has been a longstanding member of CUP, joining when the co-operative was founded in 1938. The Newsire allows articles, stories, and photos to be shared amongst CUP members to enhance their newspaper’s original content. 
This is not the first time that The Argosy has hosted ARCUP. In 2007, then Editor-in-Chief William Wolfe-Wylie, along with his staff, hosted the Spring ARCUP. The Argosy placed a bid to host the conference in June of this year and consequently won. Numerous speakers will be in attendance including notable Mount Allison and Argosy alumni William Wolfe-Wylie, Dru Oja Jay, and celebrated Sports writer Michael Grange. Other speakers include a professor of journalism, a communications and marketing director, and The Argosy’s printer company, Acadie Presse. Several CUP staff will be on hand including the CUP president and national bureau chief.