August 27, 2009

Terrible Covers of Famous Songs

There's really no reason for me to be sharing these videos with you besides the fact that these kids really have no idea what they're singing and 
it reminds me of a time when I sang and smiled along to the most depressing songs imaginable with no clue of what the words meant.

Hey Jude- Not the Beatles

 Folsom Prison Blues- Not Johnny Cash

August 26, 2009

Missing Winter in the Heat of August

...Speaking of old song by a Sackville artist played on my iPod shuffle today that reminded me of Sackville and had me longing for Winter. It's a really peaceful, relaxing song that probably was my first taste of Atlantic Canada Indie music...and in 10 days I'll be the Argosy's Entertainmner writer...there's probably some connection there.

Julie Doiron- Snowfalls in November

And here's one of the first of many of my attempts to illustrate how beautiful Mount Allison can be in Winter:

Boston Weather...finally cooling down

Today was the hottest day left this summer...according to the forecasts. It was around 90F (32.2C) and from here on it isn't "supposed" to get above 80F (26.7C) between now and when I'll be in Sackville. It's averaging about 70F lately in Sackville so I'm pretty stoked about that. I guess I should be soaking in as much sun as possible with the "terrible winter" ahead...but I really like winter more than pollen, no insects, no sunburn. If you're going to Mount Allison you have to not mind winter... or you could just complain a lot. Anyway...the rest of my summer in Boston:

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Aug 26
Showers Early60°40 %
Aug 27
Partly Cloudy76°/53°10 %
Aug 28
Partly Cloudy72°/59°20 %
Aug 29
Showers68°/61°40 %
Aug 30
Scattered T-Storms77°/65°40 %
Aug 31
Partly Cloudy78°/59°10 %
Sep 01
Partly Cloudy75°/58°20 %
Sep 02
Sunny74°/60°0 %
Sep 03
Showers74°/60°40 %
Sep 04
Few Showers77°/63°30 %
Last Updated Aug 26 08:15 p.m. ET

August 23, 2009

Whale Watching in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Last weekend family came to visit and we went on a whale watching cruise in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Being outside in the sun and wind for three hours was pretty tiring but it was really good overall. Despite not being allowed to intentionally get very close to the whales we got a few good pictures of them. But, as always...they aren't nearly as good as actually being there.

Boston Weather Forecast

So it's getting closer to returning to Mount close that the people at feel comfortable enough to tell us what the weather will be on September Boston and Sackville. Here you go. I wonder how accurate this will really be. Forecast: 15-Day Overview


Sunday, Aug 23
Some sun with a downpour
Low: 67 °F
High: 83 °F

Monday, Aug 24
Some sun with a thunderstorm                                                
Low: 67 °F
High: 84 °F

Tuesday, Aug 25
Low: 67 °F
High: 82 °F

Wednesday, Aug 26
Mostly sunny and warm
Low: 67 °F
High: 89 °F

Thursday, Aug 27
A t-storm possible; cooler
Low: 60 °F
High: 75 °F

Friday, Aug 28
A thunderstorm possible
Low: 62 °F
High: 73 °F

Saturday, Aug 29
Some sun, a t-storm possible
Low: 64 °F
High: 79 °F

Sunday, Aug 30
Periods of rain
Low: 57 °F
High: 76 °F

Monday, Aug 31
Considerable cloudiness
Low: 53 °F
High: 67 °F

Tuesday, Sep 1
Periods of rain
Low: 55 °F
High: 71 °F

Wednesday, Sep 2
Mostly cloudy
Low: 54 °F
High: 71 °F
Thursday, Sep 3
Mostly sunny
Low: 59 °F
High: 73 °F

Friday, Sep 4
Mostly sunny
Low: 55 °F
High: 74 °F

Saturday, Sep 5
A shower in the a.m.; cloudy
Low: 59 °F
High: 69 °F

 Sackville  (I'm still not using Celsius...)

Saturday, Sep 5
Partly sunny
Low: 47 °F
High: 71 °F