December 27, 2009

Semester's End

So I realize that it has been a tremendously long time since I wrote a good length post but, as you may have guessed I just finished the juggernaut that is exam period at Mount Allison. Thankfully this time I had 4 exams (40%+35%+25%+40%= earning 1.4 classes worth of graded material tested over just over a week's time.). It turns out that I did fairly well. Now I'm finally done all of my distribution requirements and can move onto classes for my major. Next semester is French, Canadian Studies, International Relations, and two History Courses. They all seem pretty interesting and I'm excited for a fresh start.

When reviewing my classes I was grateful I was smart enough to more or less know what I'm taking in the Winter before the Fall because, especially with the huge entering class there is almost no ability to change classes as even intro classes with hundreds of spots are overbooks and have dozens of students on waitlists. With more students should come more professors...but I guess there is a limited budget..and I suppose after paying the travel costs of our losing football team...haha. just kidding. Class sizes are still small and enjoyable...just be sure that you register for your courses way ahead of time because if you wait until a week before classes start you might be...out of luck... in terms of getting in the classes you want/need. Halfway through second year and I most of my friends are taking the classes what they want which are directly related to their major.

This term was fairly interesting: Economic Geography, Technology and Development, Physical Geography, and others but I'm really looking forward to more writing and more history courses and getting into classes with professors I'm going to have more than once or twice. This semester will be good for that. More updates to come.