February 11, 2012

Website Feedback Requested for The Argosy, Mount Allison's Student Newspaper

Hi everybody,

In case not all of you know, I'm the Online Editor at The Argosy, Mount Allison University's Student Newspaper (now since 1872). I went to the Canadian University Press National Conference in January where I learned quite a bit  (primarily at the New Media Roundtable) from other people in similar positions at student newspapers from across Canada. I've been making changes to The Argosy's online presence based on my report to The Argosy's Editorial Board. In part due to what I learned there I was able to increase online readership of The Argosy to it's highest level on record (which, taking into account low readership earlier this year and an incomplete online presence before then may mean the highest ever).

What I'm asking for at this point is anything you, the prospective, current, or former student at Mount Allison University (or other interested party) would like to see changed with the website. I know that I applied to be the paper's first Online Editor because I felt as though there should be changes made to the paper's online presence and have worked to the best of my ability to ensure the paper is as accessible as possible to the student population which funds the paper. There are five more issues this year I would like to see readership remain at this level (or, ideally, increase) and I'd like to have your suggestions as to what changes could be made to the website to make you want to visit it more often and share stories from it online.

If the numbers and positive feedback is any indication I've done increasingly well at my job. I'm always open to suggestions so please let me know if you think I should be doing anything differently.

Thanks in advance.



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