November 7, 2010

Odd things that are still on the internet...

So a while back I did the whole "Google yourself" thing and came up with very little that was actually me.. unfortunately I'm not a character in the Australian TV show Home and Away. But after looking for specific locations it is pretty surprising that you can find things from say, grade ten. It kind of supports the idea that anyone born after me would have their whole lives documented online. Anyway here's a couple cool things I found back from my time in Squamish, BC.

Here's a story that a new reporter for the Chief, a weekly Squamish Newspaper, wrote about the Squamish Film Festival. There's a pretty cool picture they put in the print version...I'll have to scan and post it later.

Amnesty International Film Festival Squamish, BC April 12-14, 2007
A newsletter with a notice about how the Amensty International Film Festival I helped organize and my trip to the RCMP Youth Academy at Camp Stillwood... in Lindell Beach, BC which is 30 minutes from Chilliwack, BC which is in the middle of nowhere, BC. 
It's still online as well but oddly it is at ",%202007.pdf" can't open it directly but search for it on google and click "Quick View".

Howe Sound Secondary January 22 2007 Newsletter                                                            

and while I'm posting things from Scribd here's some more:

A letter of recommendation from CARS BC, a nonprofit road safety organization ...which unfortunately ran out of funding...but its projects were taken up by ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia...think the DMV...except not five hour lines)
Counter Attack and Road Safety (CARS) Society of BC Letter of Recommendation

Youth Counter Attack and Road Sense Society (CARS BC) Letter to Stakeholders Jan. 24 2007