October 26, 2010

White Knuckles- OK Go

Why are OK GO videos so popular?
"Mostly because we're awesome." -Lead singer Damian Kulash

Centre for International Studies at Mount Allison

This year marks the foundation of the Centre for International Studies at Mount Allison University. It has taken the Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS) under its wing and in addition has held and will hold its own events. Information from the website and its newsletter are below.

The Centre for International Studies (CIS) is an organization designed to engage Mount Allison students, faculty, and the wider community across disciplines in critical learning, dialogue, and innovative, collaborative action on pressing global issues.
What we do:
CIS is a joint student-faulty run two year pilot project. It is meant to help you integrate your passions and interests into your studies on international topics, and facilitate connections across disciplines and student/faculty lines to produce concrete action on global issues. CIS does this in a variety of ways:
  • Internships/Volunteering – In collaboration with the International Centre, Office of Student Affairs, and the Dean of Social Science, CIS provides a compilation of professional opportunities domestically and abroad for undergraduates and assists in the application process.
  • Resource Database – Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look through work previous grade A work Mount Allison students and faculty have done on international issues, or submit your own work.
  • PublicationsTake your material to the next level by getting it published in a CIS or CIS-affiliated academic journal. Our publications are held at Canada’s Library and Archives as well as published online.
  • Conferences – CIS supports the Atlantic International Studies (ATLIS) yearly conference which highlights undergraduate research at Mount Allison and other Atlantic universities, and sometimes holds conferences of its own. You can also find out about upcoming conferences at other schools by joining our listserv.
  • Working Groups – Join or found a group to work with other students and professors across disciplines on a concrete project. For more details, click here.
  • Research Support – CIS helps to connect you with other students and professors who have similar interests either through independent research or working groups. CIS also helps you with the practical side of researching through workshops and resources.
  • Critical discussions – Through our speakers CIS helps to connect you with people who work in the field. We also host regular discussions on current events and explore critical international issues.
  • Still in the works- In attempts to continue offering broader and better services to Mount Allison students and faculty, we’re currently working on the following initiatives: credit approval for CIS involvement, a mentorship programme between students and like-interested alumni/professionals, international exchange database, and International Studies course guide. Contact us to learn more and even help make it possible!

CIS Newsletter