August 15, 2011

Vizualize.Me, the future of the résumé?

Last Monday I had a 10-minute Skype chat with Eugene Woo, the founder of start-up tech company Vizualize.Me, a service/app/website that turns your LinkedIn data and turns it into a beautiful infographic.

Vizualize.Me won first prize in Toronto Startup Weekend and has been featured on various tech blogs including Mashable.

I was able to talk to Eugene because I had heard about the service, signed up and invited many friends who signed up and are waiting for the public release. I contacted the company about using the private beta and Eugene responded personally to me with the invite code and then asked me to answer a quick survey and if I had time to discuss any feedback I had.

I agreed to a brief chat and a few days later we talked about what I could eventually see myself using the site for and what additions to the interface and design would be useful.  I know they're working on upgrading a lot of the functionality but it's looking pretty good right now. I'm really looking forward to the upgrades and using it to give people a simplified and colorized version of my information on LinkedIn.

Here's the my LinkedIn Profile the data is pulled from and the resultant Vizualize.Me infographic. LinkedIn is a great service for professional networking, recommendations, and knowledge sharing but it doesn't allow for much color or very much customization for people to stand out in a crowd.

I think that with the death of the paper résumé and the rise of LinkedIn, infographic-style résumés will eventually (5-8 years) become the norm first for creative professionals and then most others as companies look for the next big thing. What do you think?

For more context, here's him discussing the new project.

What do you think?