August 18, 2011

The Argosy, Mount Allison University's Independent Student Newspaper releases archived issues (PDFs) from 2009-2010

As Online Editor of the Argosy, Mount Allison University's Independent Student Newspaper (since 1875) my job has been, among other things, to help migrate the website to it's new platform (with a lot of technical assistance from outgoing IT Manager and incoming Vice-President Finance & Operation for the SAC Patrick Losier) and prepare the new site for this year.

In addition to looking forward with the new website, we also had to look back to ensure we weren't losing anything in the transfer. Unfortunately, due to some incredibly frustrating technical issues stemming from the fact that the Wordpress installation and the new OpenPublish installation are incompatible there is no technical way in which to transfer all of last year's individual articles from Wordpress and appear correctly on the new site.

However, after a somewhat laborious process of finding and splicing together dozens of documents I've done one better: we now have the original pdfs of two years (2009-2011) of the Argosy available online. As until this upcoming year, the vast majority of students consumed the Argosy only in its paper format so the PDFs are the most familiar way for people to navigate all of the stories.

Below are the 2009-2010 issues on Scribd. They're also now on the Argosy website as well. If you visit the Argosy site you'll notice it has a much cleaner appearance and it's much easier to find what you're looking for. Starting this year the Argosy will also be actively engaging with all members of the Mount Allison community via social media to showcase important stories and solicit input for the Online Only section of the website which will feature your written, photographic, and video submissions. I'll be providing more details in the weeks to come. For now, enjoy some archived issues of the Argosy: