August 18, 2011

20 Tips for first-year students: #9- Find a Quiet Place to Study at Mount Allison University

In the 9th video in our 20-part tip series, fourth-year honours psychology student and Orientation Chair Aleka Maclellan discusses where she goes to find a quiet place to study. 

Personally, I have always favoured the 2nd floor of the library because it’s generally quiet and it’s where people go when they really need to get work done, so the atmosphere is fairly serious, especially around exam time. There’s also, as Aleka mentions, empty classrooms (especially Avard Dixon) that can be used by students after class. 

For non-music students, if you want to get away from everything and really get down to work, there’s the music library in the Music Conservatory. It’s always quiet there and it’s a spot almost nobody outside of the music program knows exists. Some other people are able to be productive at Bridge Street Café, but for me it’s too loud and busy, but could work with casual group work or meetings. If you are doing group work, there are lounges in each residence that are really good for this purpose. Wherever you choose to study, try to stay focused on your work, and not on Facebook.

Geoff Campbell
Communications Assistant
Mount Allison University