December 10, 2010

Ask a current student about Academics, Campus Life, Residences, Extracurriculars, Athletics & Fitness, Study Abroad, Events at Mount Allison University

I have been messaged from time to time about Mount Allison from perspective students but I've always wondered if there were any important topics I wasn't covering enough (or at all) that high school seniors want to know when deciding whether or not to come to Mount Allison. If there is anything you'd like to know from the perspective of a third-year American student at Mount Allison or anything I should write about that I haven't already feel free to comment below.

December 8, 2010

On why I'm still not writing about these topics yet...

I've been a little preoccupied with the requirements of a third year student but I promise I've got some updates coming up soon. After my last exam I'll be covering a many different topics I have had no time to cover thus far including:
  • Canadian culture and the Group of Seven (musical group)
  • the correct decision by Mount Allison to replace the old Memorial Library with a new performing arts centre
  • the moral limits to student activism,
  • the wikileaks case (or, how is making public a list of crucial overseas facilities in anybody's interest?),
  • turning 21 in Canada,
  • how Mount Allison helped me decide to join the Peace Corps,
  • the Peace Corps Master's International program, including:
    • the Peace Corps application process (or, why I like doing paperwork a year before the deadline), 
    • preparing to take the GRE,
    • thoughts about graduate school,
    • moving back to the United States (going home 2.0?),
  • the Atlantic International Studies Organization conference in January,
  • the websites Linkedin, Scribd, VisualCV and why everybody should use them,
  • the limits of undergraduate writing,
  • and (in January) a retrospective on first semester of 3rd year at MtA (possibly including writing samples)

So again, my apologies for the lull in posts... university means waves of work. While I won't be posting about those...fifteen topics for another week or so feel free to check out the Twitter posts to the right (which include things I'll write about here in the future, and the Google Reader Shared Links below that which is a collection of stories and sites that may be of interest to those who want to know more about Mount Allison/Sackville, NB and various other stories of note.

For now I'd like to wish everybody who is writing/preparing for exams the best of luck and to high school students applying to college: good luck.

(Oh...and P.S.: Not to sound like a shill for MtA (although it's hard not to sometimes), check out the improved Campus Map/Tour online (made possible, no doubt, by new Communications Director Tony Frost who has, unsurprisingly been awarded for the virtual tour he helped create for Wilfred Laurier before coming to Mount Allison. The two are similar but I'd honestly say Mount Allison's looks much more refined, in part because he obviously had a better campus to work.)