March 15, 2012

The Argosy nearly triples its one day visit record due to "Truro Sevens: Rugby Uncensored and Uncut"

Checking up on the Analytics for the Argosy today I was pretty surprised to find this:

It shows not only the highest one day increase in visits to the website but a new second highest record today (so far). 

Before yesterday the highest days were: 

1. 498 Wednesday February 15
2. 415 Wednesday Feb 9

1. 1443 Wednesday  March 15
2. 795 March 16 (today so far)

What explains this dramatic increase?

1,073 visits to Truro Sevens: Rugby Uncensored and Uncut on Wednesday
618 visits to Truro Sevens: Rugby Uncensored and Uncut today

Nearly all of the visits were referrals from Facebook. If you want to take a look at it take a look: Truro Sevens: Rugby Uncensored and Uncut

March 14, 2012

The beginning of the end

As the winter semester of fourth year drags to an end it has been difficult for many of us to remain motivated with the knowledge that we're moving on to bigger and better things. Coming to Mount Allison was a great decision and as demonstrated in my grad school acceptances it has served me quite well. Despite appreciating my courses this year I and everybody I've spoken to is eager to be done and move out of undergrad and onto the next phase of life. There is a lot I'll miss about Mount Allison but all good things must come to an end.

Three weeks from Thursday is the very last undergraduate class most of us will take. Two weeks from then and final exams will be over and we will be free from worry. Three and a half weeks from that and we'll be crossing the stage at convocation hall and our four-year journey will be over.

Despite this sense of inevitability there's a need to stick through everything. It somewhat reminds me of the 2008 US Presidential election. In late October many believed Obama would win easily so he needed to remind his supporters to not "get too cocky" and stick in until the end. It's the last ten minutes of an hour-long basketball game and we're ahead by 20 points. The end is in sight but if you drop your guard all that hard work may be for naught.

March 12, 2012

The Argosy is hiring!

The Argosy is hiring. Job descriptions are available here. Here's details from John Brannen, the outgoing Editor in Chief:

The Argosy, the Independent Student Journal of Mount Allison is hiring staff members for the 2012-2013 publishing year!

We are now accepting applications for ALL POSITIONS and would like to encourage ALL INTERESTED STUDENTS TO APPLY.

There are positions available in the following categories.

1. Writing Positions (Section Editors and Writers)
2. Editor Positions (Copy Editors and Photo Editor)
3. Illustrator and Senior Photographer Positions
4. Manager Positions (IT Manager, Advertising Manager, Circulations Manager, Production Manager, Business Manager, Office Manager)

A NEW position being offered this year is ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER (job description can be found on the back page of the March 8, 2012 Argosy).

Please submit a cover letter and resume to either or in person at the Argosy office on the third floor of the WMSC. Writing positions should also include 1-2 writing samples.

Manager Position Applications Due: Friday March 16th 2012

Editor Position Applications Due: Friday March 23rd 2012

Writer Position Applications Due: Friday March 30th 2012

Check out job descriptions at Feel free to drop by the office or email for more information.

You are invited to the FINAL FUNDERS' MEETING of this academic year on THURSDAY, MARCH 15 at 5:30 in The Argosy office. You students, who fund The Argosy, have an opportunity to hear the final Editor-in-Chief and Business report for the year. This will be your opportunity to have your say in who The Argosy's next Editor-in-Chief for candidate for 2012-2013! So come on out! Did I mention there might be snacks?

Have a great day!


John Brannen

Some old articles I wrote for The Argosy

As I'm closer and closer to graduation I've thought over my time here and it led me to old articles I wrote when I was an the entertainment writer in 2009. Here are some my articles:

Pat and friends at the Music Hall 
2009 Polaris Prize Album Reviews
Boxer the Horse and the Novaks great warm-ups to an amazing Hey Rosetta! performance
Interview: Dave King of Flogging Molly
Tantramarsh Blues Society
WesFest returns director to the big screen
Remembrance Day night at the Pub
British comedy with a satirical bite

and one I wrote way back in 2008 when The Argosy wanted one American perspective (out of many articles) on the 2008 US Presidential Election: 2008 US Presidential Election Retrospective.

There's four issues left of The Argosy this year : March 15, 22, 29 ("The Anarchy" satire issue), and April 5th. I have an article on the SAC and technology, interview tips (as if I'm qualified...), and a short piece on the role of media in o.s. Earth's Global Simulation that the Centre for International Studies held on campus this past weekend.