November 21, 2009

A view of Convocation Hall, downtown Sackville and the Radio Canada International Shortwave Towers on the horizon not what you'll see here...because I don't have a camera with me. I'm in the library writing an essay and so one of the best images of Sackville is one I won't be able to share with you here. The setting sun created a beautiful image of the town that was a welcome relief while I'm in the midst of so much of the everyday. Looking up to see where I'll be two and a half years from now graduating gives more meaning to the essay I'm writing, final lab report I have to finish, and my last live music review for the campus paper this year.

 In less than a month I'll have finished all my papers, studying, and exams. I'll be on a plane on my way to Boston to enjoy the holidays and the snow (but not the shoveling as much) with my family and recoup for sixteen days. I won't have to set an alarm or remember to put the period after the citation for two weeks. After that I'll have a fresh start: new courses, new professors and a renewed focus.

But for now I'm off to take a short break to eat, and then finish up this essay and this semester. More updates will be posted soon.