August 8, 2011

20 Tips for first-year students: #1- Make the most of Orientation

Your first days at Mount Allison are approaching quickly. In the first of a 20-part video series, below you will find a tip featuring fourth-year student Beth Whitfield (honours biology). The tip is about making the most of your first few weeks at Mount Allison.

The most important thing to do in September (besides go to class, of course) is to really branch out and step out of your comfort zone as much as possible. My first day at Mount Allison I was unpacking my stuff in residence, thinking about all the technical things I had to do (open a bank account, figure out my classes and get some food) and someone walked by and said hello. Today he is one of my best friends and we are roommates in an apartment this year.

I really can’t stress enough how important the first few weeks are to your success here. Doing well in class and being involved in extracurriculars is important, but your first couple of weeks is really meant for you to adjust to life on your own and make lasting friendships. The upperclassmen are so welcoming and all the first-year students are just trying to find where they fit in, just like you. I met some of my closest friends during Orientation Week and I’m sure you will too.  

Before I share with you the video I have to give credit to the others without whose hard work these videos wouldn't have been made. In particular, credit goes to Tony Frost for direction, Nadine Leblanc for videography and Melissa Lombard for editing and other support, and of course to all the students who volunteered their time and experience to help. While we were unable to use all of the footage we'd like to that you all for your time and effort in helping new students to successfully adjust.

Again, I simply asked the questions and what you'll hear is honest and hopefully helpful advice relating to your time at Mount Allison. We hope you enjoy and find these videos helpful as you begin your journey to University life.

Geoff Campbell
Communications Assistant
Mount Allison University