August 19, 2011

20 Tips for first-year students: #10- Stay fit on campus at Mount Allison University

Tenth on our list of 20 video tips for incoming Mount Allison University students is how to stay fit and healthy on campus. Fourth-year environmental studies student Avery Wheeler discusses Mount Allison’s athletic facilities and why you should use them to avoid the dreaded and “very real” freshman 15.

There is a focus on staying healthy at Mount Allison and the school offers among the best fitness and recreation facilities I’ve seen. From the Athletic Centre (indoor swimming pool, weight room, and gymnasium, the aforementioned intramural and club sports, and the fitness centre (which I use regularly) there is ample opportunity to burn off all the food from meal hall you will inevitably overindulge in.

There are also various dance societies (whose instructors will teach beginners) as well as aerobics, yoga, meditation, and martial arts groups. The newly refurbished pool is a great place to de-stress and burn off steam around exam-time.

Geoff Campbell
Communications Assistant
Mount Allison University