July 15, 2011

Sackville Curling Club Finalist in Kraft Celebration Tour

Sackville's curling club is in a competition for $25,000 in Kraft's Celebration Tour. If it wins, TSN will come and showcase Sackville on their national program. Unlimited online voting starts at 1 p.m. (AST) on July 20 and continues for 24 hours. Whether or not you curl, it's an opportunity to showcase Sackville. Support your community and vote on July 20th.

 Here's the match-up page: http://www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca/nominations/matchups/8/

-Geoff Campbell
Sackville Resident

Sackville Curling Club Finalist in Kraft Celebration Tour

July 10th, 2011

TSN and Kraft Canada announced the Sackville Curling Club as one of the top 20 Finalists for the Kraft Celebration Tour.
As announced on SPORTSCENTRE, the Top 20 communities have been paired up and will be narrowed down to 10 tour stops for the Kraft Celebration Tour through 10 days of head-to-head online voting from July 11 to 22. The Sackville Curling Club is matched up against the Centre Real Cormier in Shippagan, NB. Voting for these two project begins at 1 pm Atlantic Time on July 20th and ends at 12:59:59 Atlantic Time on July 21st!
The Sackville Curling Club is vying for the win to upgrade and repair the building for its many uses. A popular spot for events as well as local regional and larger curling events! For more details on the Sackville Curling Club'e entry and TO VOTE , visit www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca

July 14, 2011

Berklee College of Music- A Thank You Note

Over this summer I've been really productive at work and otherwise. A few times at work starting new projects and organizing clubs for next year I've had to step back for a moment and reflect upon the fact that a couple years ago the work I'm doing now would have seemed incredibly more stressful and daunting than I feel it is today.

I think I owe a lot of that confidence is due to the opportunity I had to work at Berklee College of Music over the Summer of 2009. Starting at a new school coordinating with a number of people with much more important jobs at some points was intimidating. However, with the support and encouragement I received from my co-workers and supervisors at Berklee, I was able to do everything I needed to do before the deadline, with attention to detail, and (eventually) with confidence.

Consequently, it seemed to be great timing when my supervisor sent me a letter of recommendation earlier this month. I'd like to share it with you because I think my experience has had a direct impact on how I perform at my current job. There is not a lot of overlap in terms of specific job duties between what I did in Student Services and what I'm doing in Communications but I feel that the experience of working there helped me be more efficient, productive, and confident in my work at Mount Allison than I otherwise would be. In short, thank you. Thank you Tamia Jordan, thank you Emily Page, and thank you Berklee College of Music for giving me such a great opportunity. I wish I could write a letter of recommendation befitting how much I feel working there has helped me develop personally and professionally.

Geoff Campbell Berklee College of Music Recommendation

July 12, 2011

Apparently 'free' isn't 'cheap': Parking Permit Costs at Canadian Universities

Firstly, I have to give Macleans credit for getting it right most of the time at least in terms of University rankings, but in the following case there is some inaccurate information. In a recent posting on the 'on campus' section of the website there is a post entitled "Top 10 most (and least) expensive parking permits" (at Canadian Universities).

I don't like to criticize but there is something I need to point out about this post which is that Mount Allison University (which is both ranked and profiled by Maclean's) is not first on the list of cheapest parking.

There is ample free parking at Mount Allison University. In three years I've never heard of anybody having any trouble finding a free spot close to campus. That's because they're all free and they're all on campus.

Clearly paying $25 a year at Memorial is cheaper than paying $1017 at Ryerson (if those figures are correct) but nothing beats parking for free at Mount Allison. In addition, you'll be at the #1 undergraduate University (14 of the last 20 years). That's one Macleans ranking with which I completely agree.

Mount Allison University's Alumni Magazine, The Record Publishes Summer Issue Online

After months of work, Mount Allison University has published the summer 2011 issue of its quarterly magazine for Alumni and friends. The issue's articles include: Mount Allison University's new brand promise: "Immersive Learning Community for independent-minded leaders", Convocation 2011, Chancellor Peter Mansbridge's $10,000 internship awarded, Mount Allison's handmade diplomas, Toby Couture's ('06) work with renewable energy, the Brunton Auditorium Seat Restoration project and much more.

I've included an embed below but you can also go to the Alumni website to see it in their full-screen viewer.

Mount Allison University -- The Record (Summer 2011)