August 17, 2011

20 Tips for first-year students: #8- Transition to Life at Mount Allison University

In this video, fourth-year psychology and English student James Barth and fourth-year biochemistry student Erin Stewart give their take on adjusting to university life at Mount Allison.

I think an important point to make is that it is completely normal to feel a bit out of place and nervous at first — everyone feels that way. Mount Allison is an extremely welcoming community and there is no reason to worry that you won’t find where you fit in. Sometimes it takes a while for you to find your niche, but in the meantime just try to relax and enjoy the ride. Everybody will be in the same situation as you, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. It is completely socially acceptable to find a group of strangers, both first-year and upper year students, and introduce yourself. Oh...and once again, remember to pack rain boots.

Geoff Campbell

Communications Assistant
Mount Allison University