April 14, 2011

Back up your documents before you lose your term paper. Use Dropbox.

So last semester I was having really terrible problems with my computer. It was crashing and eventually the power cord for it died while I was in the middle of writing my papers. Thankfully I was able to use the school's computer lab message myself the paper every time I worked on it...but by the end I had 15 different versions of it. I decided that for this Winter term I would need a better way of ensuring all my documents were backed up automatically and were available from anywhere. I have an external hard drive but it has been malfunctioning and would cost a lot to replace.

I then found Dropbox. A free service with 2GB of free space. You simply download a special folder on your computer and drop everything you want saved into it. You can even work on any documents in the box and it will automatically update every time you save it. No more worrying about crashing computers or faulty flash drives. I've used it for all of my important papers and documents this year and never had to think twice about whether my documents were secure.

I would suggest that those moving on to University use it first thing and for current student to adopt it for next year. It has become an indefensible resource, especially in a day and age where profs do not accept computer/printer problems as an excuse to not have a paper done in time. Save yourself a lot of worry now by installing Dropbox. If you ever need it you'll be glad you did.

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