April 6, 2011

End of term at Mount Allison University

So as you may have realized by now I tend to write in chunks. That's because in University there's very little to do the first few weeks...and then a lot to do around midterms, then staying on top of material until projects/term papers are due...and then writing take home exams or studying to take finals in the gym (we all know how awesome the gym is, right?). So all of that to say I haven't been writing very much on here lately...and that I'm not sorry about it. I'm writing about life in college and the reality is around when papers are due, people write their papers and they don't have time for much else. If you're in a club chances are it has stopped meeting for the year (except if there's a last class/end of year party).

But anyway I will be writing more again very soon. I've actually got over 20 drafts posts saved but, instead of posting for the fun of it I'm going to wait until I have some time to put some thought into the posts. It's good practice for my new job as Online Editor for the Argosy. I've already begun working with the Editor in Chief and the IT Manager in the initial stages of... upgrading the website. As much as I'd love to share all the behind the scenes inner workings of the website and what my social media strategy is for the Argosy for now I'm just going to have to tell you to wait and keep your eyes on @Argosymta, facebook.com/theargosy, and of course the website. I'll be providing more information through Facebook and Twitter on what's going on and asking for input leading up to and obviously after the website updates are live. 

For now I'll wish you all good luck on your papers, exams, and for those in the real world: keeping your job.

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