April 14, 2011

Mount Allison Residences: Anchorage House (1 of 13)

I remember when I was waiting to come to Mount Allison wanted to find out as much as I could about the school. As many of you are in the midst of choosing your preference for Housing next year I thought I'd write about that. While I can only personally say that living in Campbell Hall has generally been good I've heard from people living in most of the other residences saying they wouldn't leave it for anything else. Because there are some new residences that don't have very much recent history, and because the information about each residence is scattered in different places on the Mount Allison website I thought I'd do a bit of a favour and compile all the information about each residence in one place.

Starting alphabetically (so nobody can accuse me of bias) here is Anchorage House:

Opening in September 2010, Anchorage House is a new addition to our alternative residences, devoted to wellness and healthy living. Part of the Mount Allison "Small House" Residence Experience it offers a unique environment in a very attractive and new renovated heritage home.

Residence Type: Co-ed
Residents: 21
Furniture: Moveable
Laundry Facilities: Coin operated, second floor ($1 wash, $1 dry)
Lounge Facilities: Main floor "Library"
Cooking Facilities: Kitchen on main floor
Location: Campus Map #34

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