April 14, 2011

The best note-taking/organizing application available: Evernote

On the theme of really important and useful applications for college students there is Evernote. After having a semester of having my class notes scattered between notebooks and various word documents I decided that there has to be a better way. There is, and it's called Evernote. It's a application that allows you to organize everything in your life by topic in "Notebooks" and within and across those notebooks by tags.
From exam study session notes from my Middle East Foreign Policy class, to planning material for my involvement with Amnesty, the Argosy, and ATLIS and from various important telephone numbers and notes I would normally scribble on a paper soon to be lost to a schedule of Graduate School deadlines and information there isn't much you can't use Evernote for.
In term of the Middle East notes above I did not take full advantage of the bulleting and other formatting options. I will soon add in the slide show by dragging and dropping which you can do for many different file formats.
And like Dropbox, everything is effectively organized and securely backed up online. No more searching around for that important number or losing your class notes, even if your computer explodes. At this point it's really irresponsible not to have all your important notes on Evernote and important documents on Dropbox. They are both free, very easy to use, enable you to access all of your documents from anywhere, and ensure you aren't hurt academically or otherwise if your hard drive fails. Just as your dog eating your homework wasn't an acceptable excuse in junior high (at least at my school) soon enough nowhere will you be able to use technical problems to beg for an extension.

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