April 15, 2011

Student Voices: Why did you come to Mount Allison University?

In the name of providing simple, straightforward, informative content I have been going back over old videos and interviews and I'm going to post student video collages of responses to questions. The first such collage is "Why did you come to Mount Allison University?" It's a different question and more personal question than "What do you like about most Mount Allison?", and "What would you suggest to a potential future student?" both of which will come later. I hope you'll find it useful. Obviously I've kept the full interviews so if you'd like to hear more from Aja Cooper, Alexis Thibeault and Alex Dalton, you can.

Also in the name of simplity I removed a lot of clutter on the right hand side-bar and replaced it with six simple links. So if you'd like to read my tweets, subscribe to this RSS feed, see my Flikr photos, 'like' my Facebook Page, watch any other of my 28 Youtube videos, or visit my Linkedin Profile (and maybe, you know, give me a job after I graduate) or simply ignore them more easily, you can without the mess.

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