February 20, 2011

The (Wallace McCain) Student Centre at Mount Allison University

As I previously mentioned, I spent some time recording video around campus. One of the landmarks on campus is the new Wallace McCain Student Centre. More than any other building, the student centre is the hub of student activity. I can't speak to how often the old student centre (the former Memorial Library) (which is slated to be replaced by a new Fine and Performing Arts Centre) was used, but now that virtually all of the administrative offices that students would need access to are in one central location, there is no building that is used by more of the student body.

Ground floor: Bookstore, Mailboxes, Gracie's, the Pub, the Wellness Centre, and the Fitness Centre.
First Floor: the Students' Administrative Council's Office, Bermuda Wing, Memorial Plaques, Tweedie Hall
2nd Floor- Residence Life, Registrar's Office, International Centre
3rd Floor: The Argosy, CHMA 106.9 FM, and the Meighen Centre

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