February 22, 2011

A little crazy: Geoff Campbell Creates NPR's Facebook Page

You know what's a little crazy. Searching for the NPR Facebook page on google and having a video about you show up on the first page.

And having your video be the 4th Top Rated News and Politics Video in Canada


#4 - Top Rated (Today)) - News & Politics - Canada

and also having a new media consultant write an article about you, saying

Think about it. Can you really put a price tag on the value of one Enthusiastic Geoff? Can you afford to miss him, or worse, make him unhappy? What if NPR had sent the cease and desist letters? Oh, I'm sure that NPR would have launched a Facebook presence at some point, but instead of fighting the tide of public enthusiasm started by one Enthusiastic Geoff, they took that momentum and ran with it.
It's all a little crazy. I'll have a bit more to say about it later...like why I made the Facebook Page to begin with, the new media landscape, being ahead of the curve, and the importance of connecting with your fans on their terms, and all that stuff NPR caught up on (and has since excelled in) a year after I made their Facebook Page for them. For now, I'm just going to pop some popcorn and wonder if I'm actually going to get that mug.

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