February 24, 2011

Temporary Social Media Hiatus

With a large paper due just a week from today I've decided to make what some would consider a drastic decision: to disconnect from Facebook (and Twitter, Youtube, Scribd, and unfortunately, writing here as well) until I have finished my essay properly and without distractions. Mount Allison is a tough school, and professors notice and grade much more harshly when they know you wrote your paper last minute and didn't proofread it...so I'm going to do things right and not let that happen.

Before I go I want to thank everybody for all the kind comments regarding the NPR Facebook Page.  That being said I won't be on any accounts related to the video in the next week so if you would like a reply to anything the only way to contact me will be through my Google profile e-mail form available via the link below. Thanks again. See you next Friday.

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