February 21, 2011

So this kid Geoff Campbell created NPR's Facebook Page...

The other night I was pretty bored and avoiding doing my work and so I decided to google my name and see what came up.
And something popped out at me:

Something from the Knight Digital Media Center
I actually did make the NPR Facebook Page...but I had trouble believing they had discussed that...so I looked into it.
It turns out there actually is a video from a summit at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism entitled "Building Online Community" during which Eyder Peralta, the Associate Producer of Social Media at NPR mentioned the story of how I created a fan page for NPR on Facebook and the News Organization then took control of the page. I'm not going to retell the story here when they already have (except where they sent me a mug...that part isn't true...but I'm not holding my breath) but here's the message from "Reasonable Andy" they mentioned in the video below.


  1. and you weren't offered a job? it seems you had the idea before their very own social media strategist...

  2. Haha I wish. I could have done what they did with the Facebook page...except a year earlier. Yeah...that's exactly what happened...