January 26, 2009

CHMA and Live Music in Sackville, New Brunswick

So I was stumbling around online and I found out that another blogger (I still feel really nerdy using that word) was at the Stereophonic 6 Concert at the Vogue made an actual fairly detailed review of the event instead of just mostly pictures and video. It was a pretty good concert and one of the first that I've been to in a while.

That brings to my realization that there really is a lot of quality live music in Sackville, especially considering the small student and town population. The Students' Administrative Council and CHMA, Sackville's Campus and Community Radio Station, help put on a fairly good number of concerts throughout the year. Even Plants and Animals and Wintersleep, two fairly well known Canadian bands came into Sackville. Unfortunately they played at a Pub in town (George's Roadhouse) , but as I'm turning 19 this month I won't have to miss any more concerts on account of age.

A little bit about CHMA:

CHMA 106.9 FM is owned and operated by the members of Attic Broadcasting Company Ltd., a non-profit organization with its offices on the campus of Mount Allison University.

We provide our members with an opportunity to create innovative, educational and alternative community-based programming.

Our programming schedule includes open format and specialty music shows, spoken word programs on a variety of topics as well as audio art programming that explores the limits of this thing we call radio.

Your membership gives you an opportunity to get involved at whatever level you choose. And if this is your first time in radio, don’t worry. Most of our members come to us with no experience in broadcasting. Some members volunteer behind the scenes and assist with station operations while every year, more than 100 members from the campus and the community receive training and take to the air as programmers.

CHMA also has a long history of live broadcasting, including live coverage of Mountie Football for both home and away games.

But CHMA is more than just its on-air presence. We’ve organized and promoted many projects and events including concerts, coffee houses, and a number of workshops on everything from home recording to interviewing techniques.

January 2004 saw the inauguration of STEREOPHONIC, a new annual fundraiser for the radio station. Those who made it to the party were able to catch more than a dozen bands perform over two nights. And over the years, CHMA has also played host to countless international and local celebrities.

So why wait. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the magic of radio, now is the time. We’re located on campus, on the third floor of the University Centre.

It’s Your Radio. Get on it!

That's about it for now. I just thought the amount and quality of live music in this small town was worth mentioning. I'll leave you with Julie Doiron's song featuring Mount Allison's Swan Pond entitles Swan Pond set to a stop-motion animation music video.

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