January 25, 2009

Loon Lounge:Canada's Immigration and Settlement Online Community

I've noticed quite a few of the people reading this blog are from outside the US and Canada, and I think it would be safe to assume that some may be interested in visiting or moving to Canada temporarily to work or study or as a permanent resident. I recently became an expert member and began posting on a relatively new project called LoonLounge. LoonLounge is a social network with dedicated to helping people to studies, work, and immigrate to Canada. The site is not a replacement for professional legal advice but it is a vital source of knowledge and information for many looking to move to Canada.

LoonLounge is a place to meet people and learn about life in Canada and the Canadian immigration experience. LoonLounge is a network of communities through which you can connect with people around the world, share experiences and advice, ask questions, make friends, find a job in Canada and create a settlement plan.
LoonLounge is the Canadian immigration and settlement online community, made up of Canadians and people from around the world. With the collective knowledge and experience of a growing and engaged community, LoonLounge is the place where people inside and outside our country can work on building Canada together.
LoonLounge was created to improve the Canadian immigration process for the millions of people involved: applicants waiting in the queue, new immigrants adjusting to life in Canada, Canadian employers waiting for skilled workers to arrive, and the many people around the world who dream of one day making Canada their home.

By facilitating communication and centralizing member information, the purpose of LoonLounge is to empower Canadian residents, immigrants, and potential immigrants with the knowledge we need to build a stronger Canada together.
LoonLounge is a creation of Canadian immigration lawyer David Cohen, who has identified a missing link in the process of immigrating to Canada. The focus of David's work for over 25 years has been helping people make Canada their new home, and he has seen that those with contacts and support in Canada are better equipped to establish themselves than those who try to make it on their own. LoonLounge is the missing link - a tool to help people make connections and build a support system to help ease their transition into life in Canada.

David's grandfather came to Canada with nothing more than a few dollars in his pocket, barely a word of English or French, and the name of a man from his hometown who had moved to Montreal. This man owned a small shop and offered David's grandfather a space in the corner of his store. Through this act of kindness, David’s grandfather’s was able to establish a small shoe-repair operation, which later flourished with hard work and determination into his own successful clothing store.

The success of David's grandfather speaks not only of the opportunities to be had in Canada, but also of the value and importance of community support. While the Canadian and provincial governments provide many services to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada, their "big picture" approach cannot replicate the supportive touch of a community, where real people help each other.
LoonLounge empowers immigrants by allowing them to find and build a support network before even setting foot in Canada.

LoonLounge empowers Canadians to help with newcomer integration to ensure the future success of Canada as a nation.

The LoonLounge team believes that helping people succeed means building a stronger Canada together. We know you have many questions. We know you'll have many more. LoonLounge members have the answers.

Join our community today!

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  1. Hi Geoff great blog, I have also joined Loon Lounge and really like the refreshing format. Lots of extras that you don't always get on forums.
    Cheers Louise