August 12, 2011

Mount Allison University Athletics on Social Media

As more and more people adopt social media use its easier to connect to students, staff, and faculty at Mount Allison.

That is evidenced particularly well when it comes to athletics related accounts at the school.  While the main hub for information on Mounties Athletics and Recreation remains the department website and major mentions are shared on the main page, Facebook and Twitter, and the new Mount Allison Athletics Facebook page, there are a number of other unofficial accounts posting about Mount Allison athletics.

Note: This is not an endorsement of any of the accounts mentioned below by myself or Mount Allison University. It is simply for your reference.

The first account is @Nova_Canuck on Twitter. Run by the Argosy's sports section editor Robert Murray, you'll be sure to find a lot of sports news stories highlighted there throughout the year.

The next is @mtafootball run by Mounties Football Head Coach Kelly Jeffrey.
There's also 5th Quarter Club Executive Colin Tippet's ('97) @MTAUpdates which features similrar content.
Linebacker Coach Pete Miller tweets @petejmiller.
Manager of the Mount Allison Mounties Football Team Wray Perkin can be found @WrayPerkin

Those are the accounts that I'm currently aware of. If you tweet about Mounties athletics mention me @GeoffatMtA and I'll add it to the Mount Allison Sports Twitter List I manage.

In related news, the latest tips video for new students is now available on Mount Allison's YouTube channel. You can watch the video featuring Mount Allison biology student and award-winning cross-country and Varsity Swim team member David Summberby-Murray below.