August 4, 2011

Amnesty International at U2's Final 360 Tour Concert in Moncton, NB (July 30, 2011)

On Saturday I was the only member of Amnesty International Mount Allison to make it out to volunteer at the U2 360 Concert in Moncton. It was rainy, miserable weather for a couple hours but then the rain finally stopped and we were able to get enough signatures to surpass the goal of 200,000 supporters of a petition to the president-elect of Peru to increase funding for Maternal Health over the North American leg of the tour. Here's us in the mud right in front of the Amnesty tent.

Then we were thanked for our efforts with a pass to the "Inner Circle" right next to the stage thanks to Bono's support of Amnesty.

There were some reports that Neil Young was there but I find that doubtful. We did run into John Paul Tremblay 

To give you another clue of how wet and muddy things were, here's me in front of the Amnesty tent.
 And to give you an idea of what 85,000+ people looks like here's a small section of the audience.

After volunteering I was chosen to walk on stage during the section of the concert Bono talks about Amnesty. There was a section like this (minus the happy birthday intro):

and then this specifically at Moncton:

and here, thankfully, is the view from where we walked on the platform. You can't see anybody's face very well but I'm third from last on the left.