December 23, 2010

You searched for Geoff Campbell, did you mean Geoff Campbell?

From my name being constantly misspelled I figured Geoff Campbell couldn't possibly be that common of a name. Looks like I was wrong.

For most people, when they look themselves up on google to find their Doppelgänger or and hope that they aren't unfortunate enough to have the same name as a notorious criminal. Most of the time you expect to see people more famous or infamous than you or at the very least someone who has bought I found that in a real estate agent from the Carolinas, a visual effects expert, and an illustrator...none of which were surprising, but what was interesting is that an former character on an Australian soap opera appears before this site even from searches from the US. Only months after admitting that he recorded a sexual encounter on his cell phone and then showed it to cast and crew of the show, Lincoln Lewis 'voluntarily' left the cast of Home and Away but not before denying that the rampant culture of sex and drugs surrounding the show actually exists.

I've included a couple related posts about the "soapie" (in Aussie talk) below for context. Does anyone out there have unfortunate or surprising Doppelgängers like this imaginary Geoff Campbell?


Lincoln Lewis' sex tape was not as bad as having cancer, says mum
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THE mother of soapie star Lincoln Lewis has come out swinging at her son's sex-tape partner, comparing her with Monica Lewinsky.Lewis, son of NRL legend Wally Lewis, admitted last night filming a sex tape with a teenage TV starlet then showing the footage to his Home and Away colleagues.
His mother, Jacqui, said on radio today the girl in question was equally to blame."Can I be honest with you? I am glad he is not with that girl any more. I don't want that as a daughter-in-law,'' she said.
Jacqui told Nova's Ryan, Monty and Wippa she was disappointed with her son but he had to face the consequences of his actions.
"He is an adult and he was an adult when he was doing this. He was 20 and she was 18. She must have said she was willing, to do it,'' she said.
"I think as a female, I wouldn't be doing any of that because do you know what? Females keep things. Have a look at Monica Lewinsky, she kept the dress. You've got to get smart.''
The footage in question was on Lewis' phone. Jacqui said it had now been deleted.
When her son called to confess, Jacqui said her main concern was for his safety.
"When he actually said it was a sex tape it was a bit of a relief as a mum,'' she said.
"I did tell him, 'How many times I have told you that things will come back and bite you if you do the wrong thing'.''
The network and his current girlfriend So You Think You Can Dance finalist Katrina Risteska will both have him under closer scrutiny so he doesn't put a foot wrong – on and off the show.
Lewis said he and Risteska "hit it off" after she did a guest role on Home and Away. "We're mates ever since," he said in an interview last month. "Then it just started to happen."
Lewis split with former Home And Away actor Indiana Evans last year. Evans has since relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast after landing a role on Network Ten's popular kids show H2O: Just Add Water.
There is precedent for Lewis to go well on Dancing With The Stars this year. Last year's winner was Home And Away heart-throb Luke Jacobz.
Lewis will join another Brisbane identity on the dance floor – congenitally blind paralympian Gerrard Gosens.
The other celebrities signed on are: world champion surfer Layne Beachley, swimsuit model Emily Scott, Morning Show presenter Kylie Gillies, Packed to the Rafters actor Jess McNamee, comedian Fiona O'Loughlin, footy legend Peter "Spida" Everitt, singer and actor Rob Mills, Today Tonight's Matt White, and country music star Adam Brand.
Insiders are understood to be taking the sex tape matter extremely seriously.
Seven programming director Tim Worner said the network stood by the young actor. "Lincoln is a young man of tremendous character," Worner said.Earlier, Lewis' mother told a radio station she had worried her son was gravely ill when he phoned saying he needed to tell her something important."He said, 'Mum I've got something I need to tell you and you're the last person I wanted to tell,'' mum Jacqui Lewis told Brisbane radio."I was like 'mate what's wrong' - I'm thinking sick, I'm thinking all these horrible things."Lincoln finally fessed up - and mum was furious, especially because she had warned him not to mix work with pleasure when it came to the girls of Home and Away."As we see - men's brains," his not-so-amused mum said.Channel 7 has disciplined Lewis and it is understood he will undergo counselling.
"You do stupid things when you are young," a remorseful Lincoln Lewis said yesterday."But your learn from your mistakes, that's part of growing up. This mistake, and what I have learnt, will contribute a lot to making me a better person in the future."Channel 7 insiders are understood to have taken the matter extremely seriously and are expected to have Lewis - who today was announced as part of the line-up for the upcoming Dancing With The Stars' TV series - undergo counselling.Lewis, a rising star at the network, is understood to have filmed the act on a mobile phone last year.Sources said he showed the footage to cast members and crew on the family soap, who were unimpressed with his behaviour and urged him to get rid of the footage. It is believed the footage has since been deleted.Lewis won a Logie award last year as the best new male talent on TV.

Geoff CampbellPlayed by Lincoln LewisLincoln LewisThe loss of his parents at a tender age and the very firm hand of his fire and brimstone grandfather have shaped Geoff into a very responsible boy who is black and white about right and wrong.
Like his sister, Annie, Geoff has been shaped by spending his formative years on a farm run by his strict Baptist grandfather, with little interaction with the outside world. Unlike his sister, however, Geoff was sent to a traditional boys' boarding school from Year 7 to Year 9, where he received a good education. But even this interaction with his peers did nothing to knock Geoff out of his belief in hard work and strict morality as a way of life.
Sensible and serious, Geoff has no room for 'fun' or 'frivolity' in his grim, hard-working life and the occasional smile he cracks can only be raised by Annie. But there is an underground passion in Geoff's life... at school he played rugby and showed a lot of natural talent. His grandfather, however, would never approve of playing sport as a serious occupation.
After his Grandfather died and they lost the farm, Geoff and Annie moved in with Irene. He is enjoying school and life in the Bay, but constantly clashed with Aden Jefferies. He is now maturing and became a hero when he saved Nicole's life when they were both stranded on an island. He and Nicole became intimate on the island and then Geoff was wracked with guilt as it went against his Christian upbringing. He decided the best solution was to propose to Nicole who was less than impressed. After being apart for a while though, the two realised they had strong feelings for each other and dated again but he did not completely trust her so they broke up which left them both reeling for weeks. Now that Martha has their old farm, he frequently helps her fix it up.
Relationship status:Currently single, but has some chemistry with Ruby.
Past relationships:Dated Melody, Nicole, and thought he was father to Claudia's baby, but she finally admitted she had lied.
Family:Annie is his sister and Bruce was his grandfather.
Friends:He's close to Ruby, and has a love hate relationship with Aden.
Living arrangements:He's living with Annie and Irene.

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