December 23, 2010

Atlantic International Studies Organization January Conference: Keynote Speaker: Ian Smillie

 Noted Blood Diamond Expert Ian Smillie will be the Keynote Speaker at the Annual Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS) January Conference. He will be discussing the research from his book published in August on the diamond trade in Africa.

Blood on the Diamond                                                                 

ATLIS Initiatives for 10/11
’10/11 Theme!
ATLIS’s theme for this year is ‘Alternative Solutions: Looking to a sustainable future’. We are looking for presentations that would explore a particular idea or innovation, evaluate its potential, and critique its effectiveness in the context of an ongoing issue. This includes a range of diverse, global issue, from health, justice, bio- conservation, security, to technology. We are hoping by emphasizing on a multi-disciplinary approach, we can gain new perspective and insight to persistent issues

Dear Mount Allison Students,

The Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS) is requesting submissions for its annual conference on January 21-23, 2010. This year's theme is "Alternative Solutions: Looking to a Sustainable Future". This is a wonderful chance to experience presenting an academic paper and to receive feedback on your work and research.

The deadline for submissions is at November 21, 2010 at noon (e-mail to We encourage students from all years and all disciplines to submit their work for consideration.

Class papers, honours theses and individual research are all eligible for submission. An abstract of your work is sufficient for the submission deadline.
Work does not have to be complete by the time of presentation but should be sufficiently well developed as to allow for discussion.

Presentations will be 20-30 minutes in length, followed by questions and a round table discussion with conference attendees and faculty. Please note that all presenters are guaranteed to be published in our spring academic journal if they so wish.

All students (whether presenting or not) are invited to attend the conference, which will include social events, roundtable discussions about sustainability, and a keynote speaker Ian Smillie.

Smillie is an Ottawa-based consultant and writer and has worked for more than 30 years in international development. He will speak on the subject of implementing sustainable practices around conflict-free diamonds in Africa.

Please kindly confirm your attendance by November 21 and conference fees must be paid by December 5, in order to qualify for our early bird special.

Go to our website to see examples of previous years' presentations and for information on our year-long events:

Also join our Facebook group:

Thanks, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The ATLIS Staff


The Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS) was created in the winter of 2003 at Mount Allison University with the purpose of fostering informed undergraduate participation in international issues through scholarship and social and political involvement.
The ATLIS Organization is committed to finding new and innovative ways to engage students with the world around them. Our peer-reviewed journal is one of the first of its kind in the region, and provides a much-needed venue for high- quality undergraduate essays.
In attempts to promote scholarship and develop invaluable professional skills, ATLIS hosts an annual conference relating to a major issue facing the international community as an opportunity for students to present their own papers to their peers and professors. The conference also draws NGOs and government agencies from across Canada to speak, participate in discussions and present their activities.
The ATLIS Organization is a dedicated group of students from many disciplines. We are united in the common goal of promoting undergraduate involvement and scholarship in international issues. ATLIS actively seeks partnerships with other organizations and clubs, other universities, and faculty and experts in the diverse fields of international studies

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