March 12, 2012

Some old articles I wrote for The Argosy

As I'm closer and closer to graduation I've thought over my time here and it led me to old articles I wrote when I was an the entertainment writer in 2009. Here are some my articles:

Pat and friends at the Music Hall 
2009 Polaris Prize Album Reviews
Boxer the Horse and the Novaks great warm-ups to an amazing Hey Rosetta! performance
Interview: Dave King of Flogging Molly
Tantramarsh Blues Society
WesFest returns director to the big screen
Remembrance Day night at the Pub
British comedy with a satirical bite

and one I wrote way back in 2008 when The Argosy wanted one American perspective (out of many articles) on the 2008 US Presidential Election: 2008 US Presidential Election Retrospective.

There's four issues left of The Argosy this year : March 15, 22, 29 ("The Anarchy" satire issue), and April 5th. I have an article on the SAC and technology, interview tips (as if I'm qualified...), and a short piece on the role of media in o.s. Earth's Global Simulation that the Centre for International Studies held on campus this past weekend.