February 29, 2012

Using social media to get a job: Is Going Above and Beyond the New Standard?

Earlier this month, I wrote an article for The Argosy on a 4th-year student Daniel Hebert who did more the standard writing a cover letter with a resume when he applied for a job at Radian6.

For those who think the dead-tree resume is nearing the end of its life, you may be right. Fourth-year commerce student Daniel Hebert recently applied to the social media monitoring firm Radian6. But, he did not simply go through traditional route of simply of sending in a resume and cover letter and hoping for the best.  He applied online but also did a lot of research, writing the blog post, Why I Should Work For Radian6, using the same language the company uses to craft a post that would be sure to impress. He then shared the post directly with Radian6 on Twitter and asked his influential online contacts do the same. He did this last Monday. By Wednesday, he had a phone interview with a recruiter who said she would get in touch with him again early this week.
This follows along with what I wrote a year ago about using social media to get a job and went a step further and really pressured Radian6 to at least take note of his application. Although being perceived as too pushy could hamper one's chances of landing a job, in this case "You don't know until you try!" and Hebert doesn't regret his actions. I wouldn't either if I had been mentioned by Ragan Communications. Hebert's assertiveness got him one step closer to getting a job in his chosen field. What are you doing to stand out?

An interesting attempt at getting an interview with Google.