February 27, 2012

Mount Allison University Class of 2012 Video Project

As my last major project working in Communications this semester I'll be helping to create videos of graduating students from each academic program (Arts, Science, Fine Arts, Music, and Commerce) discussing what they're doing following graduation.

Many here go onto graduate school but we're also very interested in those who are going directly into the working world, volunteering at home or abroad, or the various other pursuits you will follow after graduation.

If you're interested in being a part of this project please e-mail me at gbcampbell@mta.ca by Friday, March 2 with your full name, program, description of your plans, and a hi-res photo.

from mta.ca (and e-mailed to all students):

Attention ALL GRADS - what are your plans next year?
2012-02-27 09:59:08
The University is organizing a video project that will highlight some of our graduates and the exciting plans they have post-graduation. The goal of the video is to show prospective students where a Mount A degree can take you!
If you have a great story to tell about where you are headed next year (and aren't camera shy) please let us know. It can be a graduate or professional program, a great job, or maybe travelling the world.
Please send your name, program, a brief description of post-grad plans, and a hi-res photo to our Communications Intern, Geoff Campbell at gbcampbell@mta.ca by Friday March 2.
Please note that due to time constraints it may not be possible to include all who volunteer for this video project. However, information, video, and photos may be used for future initiatives.
Best of luck in your final semester!