July 12, 2011

Apparently 'free' isn't 'cheap': Parking Permit Costs at Canadian Universities

Firstly, I have to give Macleans credit for getting it right most of the time at least in terms of University rankings, but in the following case there is some inaccurate information. In a recent posting on the 'on campus' section of the website there is a post entitled "Top 10 most (and least) expensive parking permits" (at Canadian Universities).

I don't like to criticize but there is something I need to point out about this post which is that Mount Allison University (which is both ranked and profiled by Maclean's) is not first on the list of cheapest parking.

There is ample free parking at Mount Allison University. In three years I've never heard of anybody having any trouble finding a free spot close to campus. That's because they're all free and they're all on campus.

Clearly paying $25 a year at Memorial is cheaper than paying $1017 at Ryerson (if those figures are correct) but nothing beats parking for free at Mount Allison. In addition, you'll be at the #1 undergraduate University (14 of the last 20 years). That's one Macleans ranking with which I completely agree.