October 2, 2011

20 Tips for Mount Allison University Storify Collection

I don't know how many people outside of technology/social media/journalism circles have used Storify but it's become an incredibly useful tool for journalists and others to collect mentions across the web to create a narrative surrounding an event. It's a website where anybody can write and publish stories by curating social media content.

The story I curated below is very basic. If you want to see a incredible narrative and a stunning example of why Storify has become so popular then you need to take a look at the story of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia curated by NPR's Andy Carvin.

For now, though, I'd like to share the positive reaction to Mount Allison's video series for incoming students that I'm really proud I was a part of. Before I share, however, I have to note that it was a group effort and a lot of time was spent by others in the Communication office in the initial planning stages and especially by the school's eCommunications Coordinator Nadine LeBlanc in filming and editing the videos that were so well liked. Anyway, I hope if there's a story found on social media story you're interested in telling you take a close look at using Storify.