September 23, 2011

New Brunswick Health Council invites student input on the qualty of healthcare in the province

I'd like to share with you an important event happening on campus on Thursday September 29th brought to my attention by Christine Paré, Director of Communications for New Brunswick Health Council.

 The following is an important opportunity for youth to provide feedback on the quality of health services in the province. All Mount Allison students are invited to participate. More details are available to those who register at and are chosen to participate. Here is more information:
The New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) is an independent organization created in 2008 that is mandated to measure, monitor and evaluate population health and health service quality in the province of New Brunswick while informing the public on the health system’s performance.  It is also mandated to implement mechanisms to engage the citizens of New Brunswick for the purpose of improving health service quality in the Province.
In the spring of 2010, the NBHC hosted Our Health. Our Perspectives. Our Solutions. The process highlighted what people value most with regard to the provincial health system, how the system can be strengthened and what can be done to improve provincial health outcomes. Although a wealth of information was provided by participants, it was clear the process was not appealing to younger people. As a result, the youth voice was not included in the overall findings.

Because of this, we are visiting eight university campuses around the province to gather the perspectives of students when it comes to health. Our goal was to invite 40 students to join us for a free dinner and for a conversation on the topic of health. This event will be held on campus next Thursday, the 29th. The first 40 participants to register online at will have a guaranteed spot in at this session.