September 2, 2011

20 Tips in 20 Days for First-year Students: #20- Get help adjusting if you need it

In the final post of our 20-part video tip series for first year students, fourth-year psychology student Aleka Maclellan discusses campus resources for those having difficulty adjusting to life at Mount Allison.
Moving out on your own can be a difficult experience and for that reason Mount Allison offers resources for students to help them cope with the transition. Being in a new place with new people can be a frightening experience but every other new student is in the same situation. The best thing you can do is to be open to new opportunities and friendships as that’s a major part of university life. If you’re feeling homesick, depressed, or otherwise in any need of help adjusting, there are many options for all students in need of support. 
The first place I would recommend is your R.A. They’re generally 2nd or 3rd year students who have recently made the transition themselves. They’ll understand what you’re going through and be able to offer support as a fellow student. If you’re not comfortable talking to your R.A., there are counselors available through the Wellness Centre whose job it is to help students. They are professionals on campus that provide counseling services that are covered in your student fees. Simply contact them and set up an appointment.
As Aleka mentions, there is also the online, anonymous, and student moderated Beautiful Minds forum on Moodle where students can discuss issues with other students. Transitioning to life on your own can be difficult, but there are many resources available if you need some advice. 

Geoff Campbell
Communications Assistant
Mount Allison University