April 18, 2011

Mount Allison Residences: Edwards House (8 of 13)

Mount Allison Residences: Edwards House (8 of 13):

Edwards House, is the smallest of the "Houses" on the "South Side" of campus, creating a great sense of community. The house sits together at meals in the dining hall, so Edwardians never eat alone if they don’t want to. Populated with an equal ratio of upperclassmen and first year students, Edwards has earned a reputation as a good quiet place to study. It's close to popular amenities like the fitness centre, the bookstore, the pub, the pool and the library. Full of spirit and a sense of helping others, the residence is proud to sponsor its own foster child.
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Residence Type: Co-ed Floors -Female section, Male Section, with the exception of ground floor, being coed door to door
Residents: 84
Furniture: Predominantly fixed
Laundry Facilities: Coin operated ($1 wash, $1 dry) located in basement
Lounge Facilities: Located in basement
Cooking Facilities: One or two kitchenettes on each floor
Location: Campus Map #2

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