April 17, 2011

Mount Allison Residences: Cuthbertson House (7 of 13)

Mount Allison Residences: Cuthbertson House (7 of 13):

Cutherbertson House is the Sustainable Residence Initiative and part of the Mount Allison "Small House" Residence Experience. Residents are committed to the promotion of healthy living and environmental awareness to other members of the Mount Allison and Sackville communities. Cuthbertson House hosts the weekly meetings of Eco-Action and residents are involved in climate change projects, the carbon policy and organizing speakers and events through the academic year.

Residence Type: Sustainable Residence
Residents: 12
Laundry Facilities: Washer/dryer in kitchen
Lounge Facilities: Common lounge on main floor
Cooking Facilities: Large kitchen with appliances
Location: 84 York Street

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