March 18, 2011

Middle Eastern Culture and Politics Discussion at Mount Allison University

 With rebellions/ uprising/ rioting in countries throughout the Middle East ongoing Mount Allison students Aya Al-Shalchi of Libya and Noor Buzaboon of Bahrain, with help from the International Centre, organized a public event to discuss the ongoing crises.
I was fortunate enough to be there with a camera to document it. However, I was unfortunate to have been loaned a camera with a microphone that was so badly misconfiguration that you can barely make out the speakers. Although the audio quality is very poor I think it's important to show it did happen. Apparently so did the CBC, who sent a reporter to cover the event. Here's the video. Unfortunately Youtube limits uploads to 15 minutes so I had to use Veoh, which requires your to download a player to watch the whole video but it's an option if you want to get an idea of what happened.

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