October 11, 2010

Mount Allison University Campus Map

Mount A recently contracted a pretty good artist to create a new campus map. Check it out via Scribd below:Mount Allison University Campus Map


  1. Hey, I have some questions with regards to Mount Allison. In one of your earlier posts, you said the Mount Allison isn't really known outside of Canada. If that's the case, then would it be safe to say that graduate schools in America won't consider Mount Allison to be as good a school as it judges itself to be?

    In addition, how are the undergraduate research and semester long employment opportunities in Mount Allison and Sackville?

    I live in Toronto, and in considering MTA, I don't want to be unemployed and bereft of opportunities to pursue simple undergraduate research. That would not only be hell, but also a total waste of time.

  2. I think this is an example of how taking a quote out of context makes the implication that who said it meant something other than what he said. The quote you must be referring to was from a post about how Mount Allison is starting a new branding campaign aimed at increasing the visibility of Mount Allison.
    The original quote
    "Mount Allison is on par academically with a lot of $40,000+/year schools in the US but is virtually unknown outside of Canada and that's really unfortunate because a lot of people are going to not so great state schools when they get a much better education at Mount Allison for not much more."
    What is clear from the context is that Mount Allison is generally unknown by American high school students outside of New England and that is unfortunate because it is as good or better than schools they usually consider. Because of Mount Allison's size it won't ever score high enough on the measurements to be included on any world's best rankings because their criteria is skewed to favour larger schools (with a focus on total research funding etc...) Mount Allison is very well known and respected among employers and graduate schools. It has been ranked first or second in the country for the last 19 years by Maclean's magazine in the category of "primarily undergraduate" universities.

    It would be make no sense to even suggest U.S. schools wouldn't consider Mount Allison on par or of better quality than most colleges in the US. Mount Allison graduates have been awarded a total of 48 Rhodes Scholarships more than any other liberal arts university in North America.

    There are plenty of research opportunities at Mount Allison. http://www.mta.ca/clubs/surf/2010_surf_program.pdf

    Your entire post displays ignorance and conceit...maybe that's because you're from Toronto.