September 5, 2009


If things have gone as planned (but they never do) I'll be waking up right about now to leave in time to catch the plane from Boston to Halifax, another plane from Halifax to Moncton, and a ride from a friend back to Sackville.

I'll once again have relocated from Boston (Population of Greater Boston: About 4,500,000) to Sackville, New Brunswick (Population: 5,411).

It was nice to be able know, buy clothes (you can't buy socks in Sackville...) and be somewhere besides on campus, "downtown", or George's Roadhouse (although George's is a great place to be with friends (and as Entertainment Writer for the Argosy I'll be there more often)) but I'm ready for go back to studying, learning, any most importantly spending time with my friends, who I've missed these last nineteen weeks.

I'm about to leave on this journey...I'll see you on the other side.

As I did in December when I returned to Sackville I posted a song from a great list of 30 Songs That Capture The Spirit Of Travel. Here's two more (Proud Mary by CCR and The World At Large by Modest Mouse):

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  1. Two great songs!

    I'm curious to know your feeling about uni. here in Canada. I'm French (and Canadian now!) and I'm taking a few classes here in Ottawa after completing my degree in France.

    Anyway, I find education in Canada very different from Europe and I'm curious to see if you are going to find it different from the USA!