September 4, 2009

Last Day at Berklee

Today, September 4th, 2009 is my last day at Berklee. Right around now I'll be leaving 939 Boylston Street (accessed through the 921/Uchida building) after the Life on Campus Production and Kick-Off Carnival have ended and have been cleaned up. But this post was written before then...because I'm going to be getting home from my last day of work around 11pm, finishing my packing, and leaving the house around 6am the next morning to catch a plane from Boston to Halifax, a layover (always a joy), and then another flight from Halifax to Moncton

I've worked on average a bit more than 35 hours a week at Berklee...which works out to about 18 hours more a week than I was in classes at Mount it was an adjustment...and it'll be another one soon coming up. My time at Berklee (about 4 months) was pretty interesting...being able to get a feel for Boston and how the students at this collection of buildings in Boston's Back Bay live compared to the residential campus of Mount Allison. If I hadn't mentioned it earlier I have no musical or artistic ability whatsoever so even looking at a specialty school like Berkee never crossed my mind...but I can say that if I had enough talent and motivation as Berklee students have I think I would be going there.

At this moment, 10 P.M., I'm probably saying goodbye for the last time to all of my coworkers (who it's been a pleasure to work with) and heading out the door of 921 Boylston Street and walking through the Prudential Center to catch the 10:35 Needham Heights Commuter Rail home. I'll be thinking of how fortunate I've been for the chance to work at Berklee, and then I'll turn my thoughts to tomorrow...and taking off for my return trip to Halifax at 8:20 A.M.

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