August 18, 2009

Lucky Frosh at Mount Allison...

Looks like they're upgrading more than residences at Mount Allison this summer.

Last year the wireless internet on campus was...not entirely reliable...but it looks like they're fixing the problem before you guys get to campus. From Computer Services:

fromMount Allison Computing Services Helpdesk 
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subjectWireless Network Upgrade

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Notice from Computing Services Helpdesk:
Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff:
Over the next two weeks, Computing Services will be replacing all the Wireless Access Points on campus.  There may be some interruption of service as equipment is replaced in each building.  We will notify people in buildings where this is necessary.  After all the new equipment is installed, there will be some simple changes required to the wireless configuration of your computer.  In most cases, this will happen automatically.  The Helpdesk will be able to assist where necessary.
This upgrade will provide increased speed, reliability, and capacity.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
-- Computing Services HelpdeskMount Allison University10 Salem StSackville NB  E4L 1B7Canada 506-364-2473(f) 506-364-2454

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