August 23, 2009

Boston Weather Forecast

So it's getting closer to returning to Mount close that the people at feel comfortable enough to tell us what the weather will be on September Boston and Sackville. Here you go. I wonder how accurate this will really be. Forecast: 15-Day Overview


Sunday, Aug 23
Some sun with a downpour
Low: 67 °F
High: 83 °F

Monday, Aug 24
Some sun with a thunderstorm                                                
Low: 67 °F
High: 84 °F

Tuesday, Aug 25
Low: 67 °F
High: 82 °F

Wednesday, Aug 26
Mostly sunny and warm
Low: 67 °F
High: 89 °F

Thursday, Aug 27
A t-storm possible; cooler
Low: 60 °F
High: 75 °F

Friday, Aug 28
A thunderstorm possible
Low: 62 °F
High: 73 °F

Saturday, Aug 29
Some sun, a t-storm possible
Low: 64 °F
High: 79 °F

Sunday, Aug 30
Periods of rain
Low: 57 °F
High: 76 °F

Monday, Aug 31
Considerable cloudiness
Low: 53 °F
High: 67 °F

Tuesday, Sep 1
Periods of rain
Low: 55 °F
High: 71 °F

Wednesday, Sep 2
Mostly cloudy
Low: 54 °F
High: 71 °F
Thursday, Sep 3
Mostly sunny
Low: 59 °F
High: 73 °F

Friday, Sep 4
Mostly sunny
Low: 55 °F
High: 74 °F

Saturday, Sep 5
A shower in the a.m.; cloudy
Low: 59 °F
High: 69 °F

 Sackville  (I'm still not using Celsius...)

Saturday, Sep 5
Partly sunny
Low: 47 °F
High: 71 °F

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