July 14, 2009

Toronto Globe and Mail...don't you mean "Canada's National Newspaper"?

Just a quick tidbit. I was watching Hardball with Chris Matthews and noticed something the vast majority of his American audience probably didn't. Let's see if you can catch it.

MATTHEWS: Let's take a look at something that columnist Margaret Wente wrote in today's Toronto Globe and Mail. By the way that's the number one paper up there. But she's a, she was an American who moved up there. Quote: "According to leading Republican pundits, Judge Sotomayor is a hot-tempered, dim-witted bigot whose judicial activism (read nutty identity politics) could play havoc with the Constitution. Amazingly, these are the same people who continue to insist that Sarah Palin is qualified to run for President of the United States." I thought this grabbed me as a brilliant comparison. It, it really did. Because the very qualities of Sotomayor which is, up from her bootstraps, studying hard, you know bringing yourself up and then this other person that they seem to like based upon no preparation like that. No homework, no scholarships! No effort that's been manifest. What's the story on the Republicans? Why do they like somebody who's shown no sweat equity against somebody who's shown nothing but sweat equity?

Yeah...that's right...the Toronto Globe and Mail. And he didn't say it sarcastically or mockingly misstate the name of Canada's so called "National" Newspaper. In the rest of Canada...for those of you who don't realize...the Globe and Mail is known for being...well...a Toronto-Centered newspaper that spends much more time on Toronto City hall than the rest of the country.

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