July 14, 2009

I always knew that "Attractive People" were up to no good..

Quebec Police Warn Against Attractive People at ATMs

By David Morrison
Police in the Canadian province of Quebec are warning Canadians and U.S. residents to be cautious about attractive people standing close to them at ATMs.

According to the police, fraudsters on both sides of the border are working in teams of two, one of whom is usually a very attractive person, to steal card data from unsuspecting ATM users. In the scam, the attractive partner in the criminal team distracts cardholders as they enter their personal identification numbers so they won't notice them being copied. A device is also often attached to the ATM to collect the card number and other data when users swipe their ATM cards.

Police urged ATM users on both sides of the Canada/US border to exercise caution about using an ATM while other people are close by.

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