July 11, 2009

Showing Appreciation

I'd like to take a moment to show my appreciation for a few people.

Nancy Campbell. She retired as Principal from Howe Sound Secondary in Squamish, British Columbia this year. I know that it is rare for teenagers to appreciate high school principals, but I can say with a bit of experience that she was a great principal) I've had. She was always available for any questions and to support me as a new student in Grade 11. She wrote a letter of recommendation that in part convinced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to accept me into their rigorous Youth Academy (about which I will write about shortly), and selected me to serve on the Civic Student Council, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly and helped to motivate me to become more physically fit and politically educated. Thank you.

I would also like to note the retirement of my college counselor Sandy Cottrell and US History Teacher Chuck Beach of Libertyville High School. Ms. Cottrell had the patience to help me apply to over a dozen colleges and universities in the US and Canada and the kindness to not get upset when I chose Mount Allison University...which bases admission decisions almost entirely on grades, and not the A.C.T. which she helped me register for or the essays which she helped me organize and send to other schools. Thanks in part to her I did not receive a single rejection and was able to chose from a variety of quality institutions.

I don't think I skipped a single day of Chuck Beach's US History Honours class, and when I was gone for valid reasons he noticed and harassed me about it. His wit and insight into some of the finer points of US History made his one of the most interesting history classes I've taken. It was great to see a friendly face, even if it soon turned into a scowl at me being late to class. Even at 7:30 A.M. (yes, 7:30 A.M.) on Monday mornings Mr. Beach somehow managed a smile that helped me though many a long day.

Thank you. I wish all three of you happiness in your well-earned retirement.

I would also like to commemorate the life of Eric Frank Landeros 4/27/89-2/10/08, and old friend who died far too young yet he managed to bring happiness to those around him.

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